Home page customization


By default, module home pages are displayed empty. You can add widget (info box or stat box) to get the number of element created for an entity. If you don't give an entity name to the instruction, the widget will concern the current entity.

There are three types of widgets:

  • Info widget (by default number of records of an entity)

  • Stat widget (by default number of records of an entity and link to the creation page)

  • Last records widget (widget listing the last records of an entity by going up the targeted fields)


add widget [namewidget] on entity [nameentity]

add widget last records on entity [nameentity] limited to [Number] records with columns [columns1, columns2] etc.


add widget info on entity Personne

add widget stat on entity Personn

add widget last records on entity Personne limited to 10 records with columns Nom, Prénom, Téléphone


ajouter (un) widget [Nomwidget] sur l'entité [Nomentité]


ajouter une info box sur l'entité Personne

ajouter un widget derniers enregistrements sur l'entité Personne limité à 10 enregistrements avec les colonnes Nom, Prénom, Téléphone